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new sprang website

Beitragvon Vikinggirl » 20.10.2006, 14:25

I got my website up.
Here is the link about sprang. Yes, it still needs lot's of work, but at least it is up.

Greetings from Gullveig
Magd / Knecht
Magd / Knecht
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Beitragvon Flinkhand » 21.10.2006, 08:15

The workshop is cool! :wideeyed: This is great work, thanks a lot! Even a beginner will now know how it's done. Very nice!!!
Die Flinke

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Beitragvon Dagny » 13.12.2006, 20:43

Thanks a lot!!! :danke: When there is time I think I will try it. I`m sure, I can manage it with this great instruction!
Best wishes, Dag
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Jungfer / Knappe
Jungfer / Knappe
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