danskerne patterns

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danskerne patterns

Beitragvon Ætte » 31.03.2009, 13:08

I try since a few years to find the old swedish and danish språnging patterns and I have come to the point where my normal språng board is not working.

a few years ago there was a book published in sweden where the showed the old swedish way of språnging but I cnat get the point of the "endless" threads.

does some one of you have knowledge abut this kind of low table frames?
or about the endless thread technique?

These are not in Collingwoods book as far as I know.

Ah yeah and if everything turn out fine there will be a big arts and crafts event in summer in copenhagen, as a part of the actions against the World climate conference in dec. 2009 here in copenhagen.

for infos about the base actions...go to www.flydendeby.dk


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