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Ein neuer

Beitragvon Victor Frankl » 21.05.2019, 16:27

Is a Bushnell Hybrid Golf Rangefinder for You?

Announcement of Bushnell Hybrid Golf Rangefinder has added an entirely new catalog to the world of golf distance meter. The first question for those looking for the perfect distance meter is the "GPS or Laser"? "Now the buyer will have to add " or both "to that question.

In a remote view, the Hybrid Bushnell looks like a typical laser distance meter. As a closer examination, one side of the device seems to have a distance gauge Bushnell-anchor + GPS is embedded in it. The two of them were all correct. The Laser-based Bushnell Tour V2 and GPS are completely identical to the Neo Bushnell. In the Golf rangefinder blog, there is a lot of golf rangefinder, rangefinder knowledge, let's click here.

The main advantages:


With lasers, there can be no distance to the front and the back of green and GPS that performs this very well.
With GPS, it is not possible to get the correct distance to the battery, as well as other targets not in the system. Lasers can get precise distances to any goal in your sight.
While future telephoto gauges can include features found on more expensive GPS devices, this is obviously a big step in the industry. As you would expect, the price of this equipment is slightly higher than the other golfing distance meters and unless you have deep pockets, you will probably want to know how much the hybrid meter will help you play. With useful information about golf rangefinder, my article will help you solve your problem: https://www.scoop.it/u/bestgolfrangefinder.

Here are some recommendations:

If money is not the problem, please buy NOW! This is the best long-range gauge on the market when writing this article.
If you are any kind of serious competitive golfer, then buy it as soon as possible. This device will make ring practice easier. If you play events in which rangefinder is allowed, that's legal and will probably save you a shot every now. Take the time to use it and study to be effective, so that it doesn't take you out of your routine.
If you break 90 often and are trying to improve, but will find a way to buy it for your budget... Please include it on your birthday gift list or holidays and hopefully the price will decrease.
Well, this is the best golf distance meter out there, but look for opponents to soon participate in the hybrid market and then hopefully the price will start to decline!

To read more about the top rated rangefinders golfcompletes meter Bushnell Hybrid, Bushnell Tour V2, Bushnell Neo + and other golfing distance meters, see the assessment summary and feature comparison at Rangefinder Golf store.
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Victor Frankl
Magd / Knecht
Magd / Knecht
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Re: Ein neuer

Beitragvon Allyfants » 21.05.2019, 19:32

Schön, dass du da bist. Auch wenn wir Frauenüberschuss haben, sind Männer hier ebenfalls gerne gesehen.
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Herzogin / Herzog
Herzogin / Herzog
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Re: Ein neuer

Beitragvon Thoraja » 21.05.2019, 22:15

willkommen :) :hand:

ja, der frauenüberschuß ist groß, aber einige tapfere männer haben wir, sogar einige, die sich jedes jahr wieder aufs fht trauen.
ein glück, daß wir keine singlebörse sind , da wäre das ungleichgewicht echt doof ;D
Freifrau / Freiherr
Freifrau / Freiherr
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